FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The CAEP Summit 2024 is ideal for the teachers, coordinators, administrators and support staff in the network of California adult education providers under the California Adult Education Program.
Yes. Since the conference is virtual, you will need to download and ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the Zoom video collaboration software, located at https://zoom.us/download External Link Icon opens in new window or tab. Access to the conference website, located at https://summit.caladulted.org/Conference External Link Icon opens in new window or tab, will also be required. Please have your Summit login information available (and call us at 888-827-2324 or email us at TAP@caladulted.org if you are having trouble logging into the website).
Yes. Live technical support is provided on the first two days of the Summit. Simply click on ā€œLive Helpā€ in the top blue banner and join the live help desk for assistance. (You will need your CAEP Summit login information to join the help desk.) During the last two days of the Summit, technical support is provided by accessing the technical support chat first.
After signing in to the Summit site, select the Schedule External Link Icon opens in new window or tab. After selecting a title, the Zoom meeting link will be listed with its presentation description.

(Note that the Zoom link for a session will not be live until 5 minutes before the official start of the session.)

Yes. After signing in to the Summit site, go to the Conference Schedule page. Select the star icon () to save a presentation for easy access under MyCAEP Summit.
Yes. Each presenter will have their own set of resources. You can access their resources by clicking on the following link.

Please note: If there are no resources listed, it means the presenter has chosen not to share their resources.

All sessions will be recorded. However, not all will be posted. CAEP TAP staff will select sessions based on attendance and evaluation ratings for video remediation. Be sure to evaluate the sessions you attend. After CAEP TAP completes the video accessibility process, a notification on where to access the recordings will be shared via CAEP TAP newsletter, email and social media.
Yes. Depending on the nature of the presentation, an attendee can either: a.) Contact the presenter directly if contact information was shared. b.) Attend a Jam and / or Mini Session. c.) Continue the conversation the chat room.
Before the session ends, the host will put the link to the session evaluation in the Zoom chat. You can also return to the session on the Schedule.External Link Icon opens in new window or tab
Presenters will have an opportunity to receive training and practice using Zoom tools if needed on Sept. 6th 9:15 a.m.10: 30 a.m., Sept. 7th 11:45 a.m.- 1:00 p.m., and Sept. 8th 2:30 p.m.- 3:45 p.m. Presenters will be sent registration links to attend any of the training and practice sessions.
The 30-minute mini sessions are designed to provide CAEP Summit 2024 attendees an opportunity to drop in to a Zoom room and ask a leading content person (people) "how to" apply information related to the topic area at the consortium and local area. The lead content person will not present - rather engage in conversation and demonstrations on how to apply the topic area at the consortium and local level.
This year, at the CAEP Summit, our traditional "networking social" has been redesigned into 60 minute "jam sessions." The purpose of a jam session is for attendees to come, ready to discuss and exchange ideas based on a predetermined topic. In this highly interactive session, attendees will engage with colleagues on the identified topics, and leave with new found knowledge and strategies and the feeling of empowerment to ACT!
No, CAEP TAP is not issuing certificates of attendance for the CAEP Summit 2024.
Leaderboard Point Values
Plenary Address - 2000
Conference Opening Session - 1500
Jam Sessions - 1200
Exhibitor-Sponsored Lunches - 1000
Connect with Exhibitors via the Chat - 750
Each Breakout Session - 500
Each Exhibitor-Sponsored Breaks - 200
Yes. You can access the CAEP Summit 2024 platform user guide by clicking on the following link.